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I have a Japanese Knotweed problem at my place of work and would like a price to eradicate it.

Reply - If the JNW vegetation is not too tall and we can spray above it, it is a lot easier and less time consuming but the usual route is to inject single stems (if single plants above chest height). If foliar spraying more than one application is required. We have successfully killed clumps of it after two treatments locally, some sprayed, some injected, some both.

Please email [email protected] and we can arrange a time to look at the sites.

Hi i work on a Golf course and was wondering what technologieds can be used to recycle grass clippings. As you are mowing the course everyday you will have a build up of clippings. What methods can be used.


Reply - You can buy tractor mounted via PTO composters for green waste. You could also tip them into a green waste recycling bin that the local authority will take away. When I wlak around my local golf course, I see lots of piles in the rough. You could build a big composting area but it all takes time and effort. Grass clippings make a great mulch for amenity flower beds, once the liquid has dried out a little and smell has worn off.

Hi I have my pa6 in a week,
I was just wondering the procedure of filling up your knapsack after you've calculated your calibration sheet?

Many thanks

Reply - half fill with required amount of water, add product, fill to required level of water / spray volume, agitate and spray.

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