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Just another way to ensure this country is uncompetetive, agreeing to change before manageing change, thus ensuring the present and future markets are not tooled or skilled up to meet the changes.
Cart before the horse as always, financial decisions made by politians not business people or those in the real world.
If we cant do it in Europe others will and cheaper without regard for the Environment, look who has not signed up.
Yes we can change what we use but managed planned and with alternatives properly researched trialed and tested.

Thank you for your input on this subject. Much appreciated. Drives me damn mad, the decisions they make in the EU are just for Great Britain! A bunch of t**sse!s. I bet despite the EU ruling today, in a couple of years time from now, whilst I am taking a break in the French countryside alongside fields full of vines, I will still see the little French farmer bloke with his dog on a mini tractor with a turbair pesticide mist applicator still not wearing any protective clothing, applying 'banned' fungicide products smoking a cigarette with the pesticide spray going everywhere and the yellow pesticide product visible in the road side gulley having been mixed up in the street.

Come on - tell us what you think on this subject matter. We would love to hear from you but keep it clean! Thanks

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